Cooking the pasta - Randa Tunisie
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Cooking the pasta

Cooking tips

Cooking the pasta

To successfully prepare your pasta, follow these simple rules:

Respect the three-digit rules: 1, 10, 100!


liter of water


gr of salt


gr of pasta

Add salt at the right time!

Add salt to boiling water. Salt is essential for two reasons: it enhances the pasta’s flavor and contributes to their perfect cooking.

Quantity per person

To prepare the amount of pasta needed for your meal, count:

gr per person

When are the pasta cooked?

Take a piece of the pasta out of the water about a minute before the end of the cooking time and cut it in half. If a white dot appears in the middle, your pasta is not quite cooked yet.

Do not rinse the pasta after cooking so as not to lose the starch and to allow the sauce to coat the pasta well.

Not a drop of oil:

Never put oil in the cooking water as the fat prevents the sauce from coating the pasta well.

The right cooking time:

Since the cooking time varies depending on the shape and type of pasta, follow the instructions on RANDA’s packaging.

For ``pasta à l'italienne`` or ``al dente``

Respect the cooking time indicated on RANDA’s pasta pack.

What does al dente mean?

• In fact it is simple, al dente simply means that it is cooked to perfection, not raw, but also neither hard nor too soft. Just perfectly cooked pasta so it stays flesh, toned and looks nice on your plate.

• To get the pasta cooked al dente, just follow the cooking time of the package.
The final touch that makes everything perfect
Keep some water

The final touch that makes everything perfect

Keep some water

• Keep two tablespoons of the cooking water. You can use it to make the sauce stick better to the pasta.
• Once the pasta is cooked and drained, mix them with the sauce or ingredients that come with them in a frying pan on the fire for about 1 minute. This will enhance the flavors of the dish and the pasta will be very hot at the time of service.