Preparing the tomato sauce successfully - Randa Tunisie
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Preparing the tomato sauce successfully

Cooking tips

Preparing the tomato sauce successfully

Add a little water to the sauce.

If you find your sauce too thick, you can add a little pasta cooking water to it.

For a note of sweetness

To add a note of sweetness and smoothness, you can add a little cream in your tomato sauce.

Removing acidity

If your sauce is a bit acidic do not hesitate to add a little sugar to it.

The sauce has dried on the surface!

When preparing a sauce in advance, it tends to dry quickly on the top.

To avoid this, pass on the surface of your sauce (when it is still very hot) a piece of very cold butter, with a fork.

The butter spread will form a protective layer that will preserve your sauce from drying on the top!

The sauce is too salty.

If your sauce is too salty, add a potato to it.